Who's who?

 Hi, I'm Kym! Nice to have you here. 
I'm a wife, mommy, part-time photographer, crafter, follower of christ, and an antique collector.
Stick around a while and I'm sure we'll be best friends! 
meet the fam:
My husband and bffe. We got married 12/5/09. Matt is a mechanic, a goofball, an amazing father, and a little kid trapped in an adults body. Basically God made him absolutely perfect for me in every way.
Jonah. Almost 2.
Our little munchkin is very happy and full of personality. His current favorites include: Sandra Boynton books, Elmo, being in the water, and eating anything that isn't a vegetable.
Roxie, Our canine baby.
Super-duper cuddle bug. Scared of water and thunder. One of Jonah's favorites.