Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh, Baby!

I love pregnancy. I loved being pregnant, I love seeing beautiful and glowy pregnant people waddling around Target, and I love the miracle of God creating a new life inside us fierce mamas. It only seems natural that I would enjoy doing maternity photos. Too much fun. And I got to do two shoots only 3 weeks apart, and I have another one later this month!

Jon and Ashley are expecting their daughter Peyton next month. Matt and Jon actually used to work together, so it was nice to see them... it had been a while. Their session was wonderful. I had to fight with the clouds but the pictures turned out great!

Next was Krista's maternity shoot. I have known Krista almost her entire life, and I love her to pieces. It seems crazy to me that she will be a mommy, and I know she will be an amazing one. Photographing her was like a blast from the past, not only because I can't believe how grown up she is, but also because she was one of my first models. There are some very embarrassing photos floating around some where that I took when I was about twelve- and I'm sure I thought they were amazing. They aren't. Ha! Hopefully these are as significantly better as I think they are :) I can't wait to meet little Elizabeth soon!


Meghan Silva said...

These are all really gorgeous pics!!

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Kym said...

Thank you!