Monday, April 1, 2013

We're making this a tradition.

Want to know the recipe for fun?

-Three of your favorite kids - ages 5, 3, and 2.
-75 Easter eggs.

-Throw the 75 Easter eggs all over your yard.
-Assemble children.
-Explain the rules (no fighting over the same egg, you will pose for a picture before you open your eggs, everyone will end up with the same number of eggs at the end anyway- so don't steal them all before everyone gets a chance to find some).
-Turn em loose.
-Observe and be filed with joy.

10 most adorable minutes of your life.

Execute the Saturday before Easter for best results.

Aren't they the cutest? That may be biased but what can I say, our family has some pretty babies. 

I'm so glad we decided to host an Easter egg hunt this year, the boys had a blast! The weather was great too, which was definitely a welcome change. All the snow has melted. I hope we've seen the last of it! Hope you and yours had a very blessed Easter :)

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Kacie said...

What a doll!!! He's getting so big... and yes, pretty babies!