Sunday, April 21, 2013

Senior Portraits with Kristen

You may remember me mentioning in this post that Kristen is having photos done each season, for a total of 4 shoots. I have had a blast with this girl. I'm kind of sad that our last photo shoot is in only 2 weeks! Taking senior pictures always makes me reminisce about that time my own life, and how much I miss that feeling of invincibility and opportunity.... that feeling that we don't get very ofter in our adult lives. I never thought I would look back and miss anything pertaining to high school, but it's funny how it was never as lame as you thought it was.

Here are my favorite photos from Kristen's winter and spring pictures:

Totally broke my rule and photo-shopped fake snow into this one, because the glitter she threw didn't photograph as well as I had hoped. But who cares because this is awesome.
Iridescent glitter is also awesome, when it cooperates- like this.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

If I didn't have a 2 year old.

I wouldn't have to put things as far from the edge as possible.
I wouldn't trip over this step stool a hundred times a week
My table cloth wouldn't constantly be pulled across the table, and covered in spaghetti hand prints
I'd probably have actual magazines in my magazine holder (and time to read them), instead of board books
I wouldn't have to pick up messes like this every night before bed
I wouldn't have tacky safety hardware on all my cabinets
All of the frames (that cover every wall in our home) would be empty
I would be brave enough to decorate the cute tray on our coffee table/trunk, 
and I probably wouldn't regret having painted said trunk white
I wouldn't get a ton of kisses daily
I wouldn't know the joy and honor of motherhood
I wouldn't get to hear his contagious laughter
I wouldn't get to wake up to this sweet face each morning
and I wouldn't get to watch him grow and learn
I wouldn't know it was possible to love someone so much
and i wouldn't be able to thank God for him, every second, of everyday. Messes and all :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Easter!

Watching Jonah go through his Easter basket was adorable. He oooo-ed and ahhh-ed and was so excited and my little mommy heart was a puddle on the ground. It's so surreal how much he's changed since this time last year. Here's a million pictures :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

We're making this a tradition.

Want to know the recipe for fun?

-Three of your favorite kids - ages 5, 3, and 2.
-75 Easter eggs.

-Throw the 75 Easter eggs all over your yard.
-Assemble children.
-Explain the rules (no fighting over the same egg, you will pose for a picture before you open your eggs, everyone will end up with the same number of eggs at the end anyway- so don't steal them all before everyone gets a chance to find some).
-Turn em loose.
-Observe and be filed with joy.

10 most adorable minutes of your life.

Execute the Saturday before Easter for best results.

Aren't they the cutest? That may be biased but what can I say, our family has some pretty babies. 

I'm so glad we decided to host an Easter egg hunt this year, the boys had a blast! The weather was great too, which was definitely a welcome change. All the snow has melted. I hope we've seen the last of it! Hope you and yours had a very blessed Easter :)