Sunday, December 2, 2012

worst blogger ever.

Oh, poor blog. I have so many nice things to say/share and yet I leave you neglected. how dare I! Let's Catch up. Like, way up. 

Saturday, November 3rd:
Amanda (my fabulous cousin) and I took an all day road trip to IKEA, which is 3 1/2 hours away from us. Yup, that's the closest one. If you have one in your town, I'm super jealous. We got there a little early, so we took a detour to a town named Lemont since they had a HomeGoods. I have been dieing to go to a HomeGoods since all of my favorite items in Shelley's house seem to come from there. I knew that they were run by the same company as TJMaxx, but our TJMaxx never has stuff that squeal inducing. Well, that would be because HomeGood's is TJMaxx on crack, minus the clothes. LOVE IT. Wall to wall discounted home decor? Yes please! We were like kid's in a candy store. I got some cute stuff (including a glass drink dispenser, which I've been needing desperately) and donated some money to the hurricane Sandy relief fund- so it was definitely a successful detour if there ever was one.
Some things we learned while in Lemont: there are seriously like 9 churches in this town, and a Buddhist temple. In a 3 mile radius. You come over a bridge into the main downtown area, and all you see are steeples. I just wonder how that's possibly necessary? It's not that big of a place. Anyways, they're all pretty churches too.
I really wanted to drive up to the temple and take some pictures, but that seemed like it might be kind of disrespectful so we didn't. It was gorgeous though. Also, Lemont has a lot of really random traffic signs. For example:
you can't turn here, apparently. but only if it's between 4pm and 6pm. and only monday-friday. there were a lot of signs like this. cracked us up. maybe these are common where you live. please explain if they are. we do get out often, i promise. we're just easily ammused.
On to IKEA. Epic. Since I got my living room rug. FINALLY. And Amanda got a plastic bag holder like mine, which she's been wanting for the past year. See? I told you we were easily amused. Especially by the fact that the elevators at IKEA had peek-a-boo teddy bears.
We spent way more money than necessary, ate lunch, missed a torrential downpour, and felt like our legs would fall off. The following picture best describes our IKEA experience...
 Apparently, I developed 4 extra chins in the 3 hours we were in there.

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