Monday, December 3, 2012

My Mom's visit

My mom came to see us the second week of November. She had lots of fun spoiling Jonah, of course.
 He was in love with the Melissa & Doug animal magnets she brought him.
My mom and I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 with my Aunt Cyndi and Amanda (which was SO good, btw) and ate at the Olive Garden (YUM) while Matt took Jonah to the Chillicothe Parade. Apparently, when the horses went by, Jonah called them puppies. I was laughing so hard when Matt told me that. Sweet boy.
We also went to the park
 oh, and my mom missed her flight home. YEAH. And by missed I don't mean the plane left, they just wouldn't let her on it. No joke. Don't even fly Allegiant. It was a hot mess. She was upset, I was upset. And even though my step Dad never actually acts like he is upset, I can assure you that he was since he had to pay for another ticket to get her home. Oops. Jonah didn't care since he got to eat cheese sticks for dinner (which I paid $9 for at the airport, good lord) and he got to see his Nana for one more night. Crisis aside, it was a good visit. Next time we know- 1. Read the fine print and get to the airport in time to board, because departure time is irrelevant. 2. Ignore rude security ladies. Otherwise you may just want to go all kung fu crazy on them. Not that that happened to me or anything.

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