Friday, September 21, 2012


Every once and a while I get super excited about  music. ha! just kidding. every day, try. I love music so much and I am amazed at how much talent there is on youtube. especially talented kids. My new favorite is a group of six sisters who are gorgeous, silly, and all have some SERIOUS pipes. Makes me want to have a bagillion kids and give them all voice lessons. Like the VonTrap family or something.
 Not really, but I can dream.

Anyways, Cimorelli. if you havent heard them, you really really should. luckily, I can help you out with that. get out from under that rock and go listen to Cimorelli. you'll fall in love. promise.

P.S. Jonah loves them too, he dances to them every time. Baby has good taste. must get it from his momma ;)

my favorite:
jonah's favorite:

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Jessica said...

great videos. cool blog!