Friday, September 28, 2012

Tanner's, and 4 kids (part I)

Tanner's is tradition here. Apple picking, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, corn maze, the coolest playground ever, kettle corn, apple cider, pumpkin butter, and fritters. We just can't get enough. Our first visit this year was a blast, because we brought our nieces and nephew with us. They wore me out, but it was fun. Here are a few pictures. more to come.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Every once and a while I get super excited about  music. ha! just kidding. every day, try. I love music so much and I am amazed at how much talent there is on youtube. especially talented kids. My new favorite is a group of six sisters who are gorgeous, silly, and all have some SERIOUS pipes. Makes me want to have a bagillion kids and give them all voice lessons. Like the VonTrap family or something.
 Not really, but I can dream.

Anyways, Cimorelli. if you havent heard them, you really really should. luckily, I can help you out with that. get out from under that rock and go listen to Cimorelli. you'll fall in love. promise.

P.S. Jonah loves them too, he dances to them every time. Baby has good taste. must get it from his momma ;)

my favorite:
jonah's favorite:

Pink & Gold

I've gone over to the dark side.
The side where people love pink and wear gold jewelry. *
AKA, not my side.

I've always been the girl who prefers purple, and only wears white gold and silver. butttt. I realized that pink and gold look AWESOME together.
 tutorial for that adorable pink and gold lanyard bracelet here
Yeah. they do.

So I saw this gorgeous manicure (on pinterest- of course):
and put my own spin on it:
This gorgeous pink color is OPI Argenteeny Pinkini.
 *I am not hating on you pink lovers. I have never hated pink.
see? loving it.
i even have pink mace on my keys. you can never be too prepared.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Dinner at the park

Last Sunday (i'm behind on my blogging don't judge) we went to the park for dinner. because sandwiches and swings are way cooler than spaghetti and booster seats. In Jonah's opinion however, nothing is cooler than mulch. maybe rocks. but I'm just sayin- the kid really loves mulch.
this is the best day ever!!!
anyhow, he had a blast. free spirited running and squealing was totally encouraged.
we put him on the slide for the first time. at first he was totally horrified. no tears, just shock. and staticy hair. (we're just gonna pretend like staticy is a word, mkay?)
i love taking him to the park. it turns me into a little kid too. please tell me i'm not alone in this- you channel your inner two year old when you get near swings too, right?
if not, jonah says you should. being little is fun.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

old habits die...


matt has a serious issue with me biting my nails. so much so that he has requested insisted that i start getting my nails done. i've never cared to have fake nails before but sine I'm obsessed with OPI, it's kinda perfect.

I'll be sharing all my funky crazy manicures (yay!), which will be new every two weeks. right now it's kinda plain jane, but here's a pic anyway:

dont mind my gross cuticles. i'm a mom, i do dishes. this is reality people.

currently wearing:
OPI Mermaid's Tears
OPI Pirouette My Whistle

Sunday, September 9, 2012

you reap what you sow

this year i wanted to plant a giant garden. it didn't quite go as planned but we did get some bell peppers and jalapenos in the ground- and the past few weekends we've been able to pick some.

our first two bell pepers:
today's loot:
i am so excited. they are delicious.
and organic.
and i grew them and they didnt die!
and roxie didn't eat them! (she hates veggies, but she is still curious enough that i worried a tad)
good doggie. xoxo

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pinterest-ing thoughts (see what i did there?)

I really really love Pinterest. I think it's a genius idea. I used to cut out pictures from magazines and have binders full of stuff, now I can eliminate all that clutter and pin it instead! There is some serious eye candy in the home decor department - my favorite part. Then there's all kinds of nail ideas, cute clothes, gooey cookie bar things, silly animals, crochet baby booties, crazy smart cleaning tips... what isn't to love?

Actually. I do have some pinterest issues.

There are some people I'm "following" that I never agreed to follow and i CAN NOT get rid of them. I have unfollowed, and they return overnight. If you know how to fix this, PLEASE let me know. I don't like their style and I'm sick of looking at the ugly stuff they pin 50 hundred times a day. I really didn't mean to sound like a snob just then but it seriously irritates me.

Not all pins direct you to their original source. this particularly irks me when it comes to DIY's. I can usually find a similar tutorial by searching, but that kind of defeats the point.

Why does everyone suddenly call christmas lights 'twinkle lights'? is this something that's gone on forever and i just missed it? i don't understand. giving it a cuter name doesn't make it more fancy.

 Also, over use of the word lovely makes me want to trip you.

 "omg i die" .... no you did not, because you are still pinning things. so stop writing that.

I'll stop judging now. 
Here are my favorite pins from the past few weeks:

sources: 1 // 2  // 3  // 4 // 5  // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

and this little bit of humor:

you can find my pinterest here.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


White Party

So my best friend Christi is pretty phenomenal. So are parties. Being the genius that I am, I figured throwing a party to celebrate Christi's birthday would be the best idea ever. It totally was. And it was a white party.
I told everyone that I wished they'd wear white all the time because it was so clean and bright.
But let's be real... that wouldn't last long. I love my color.
I love you Christi!!!!! I hope you had fun :)