Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We were in Patoka this weekend to visit with my family (dad's side). Our reunion's are always great weekends. What could be better than being surrounded by family? Speaking of family, I know that I am very lucky to have grown up with mine. The older I get the more I'm aware of how unique some of our childhood experiences were. Apparently all day sing-a-longs and impromptu splunking isn't that common. Most parents don't take their 8 year olds to dive off rocks, and teach them to drive in old pick up trucks at age 6. Our summers were adventures. And I think we're all braver for it. So thanks parents :) you rock.
cousins. 1995. we were just babies
17 years later.
 *random side note: if Sean were standing between Alan and I, we'd be in the same order in both pictures.
This year, we had a lot to be excited about. Mishell and Hap are an old married couple now ;) Sean was home from Germany, and of course getting to see everyone in general. In true form, here's lots of pictures...

4 generations
now Mr & Mrs Pugh
kid's got a thing for rocks.
I gave dad his b-day and father's day presents.
the glare in this picture is bad :( but someone else is bound to have a better shot.


 I'll leave you with this picture of Matt and I, which perfectly explains our relationship:
if you can live with that level of goof ball- we should be best friends.

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