Monday, June 4, 2012

ADA Tour De Cure 2012

On Friday afternoon we loaded up our car and headed for Grafton, IL to volunteer and support my Dad in the Tour De Cure, a charity bike ride for the Diabetes Association.
We got to Grafton at about the same time that my parents were about to come across the river on the ferry, so we stopped at the dock to wait for them. After 3 hours in the car, Jonah was excited to break free- and find some dirt to play in :)
Then we were off to the Pere Marquette Lodge where we were staying for the night. This is an amazing place that I highly recommend if you're ever in the area. Stay a few days, and check out the surrounding park and historical attractions. Or, if you're like Jonah, the giant chess set and pool might be exciting enough for you.
NOW, onto the most exciting part! We woke up Saturday morning and headed for the Raging Rivers Water Park to cheer on the bike riders at the finish line. It was so neat to watch those exhausted, sweating faces break into big grins when we started waving our posters and cheering for them. And I was SO proud when my daddy came around the corner. GO DAD! If you are so inclined, find a Tour De Cure ride near you and raise some money for diabetes. You'll feel mighty proud of yourself if you do.

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