Wednesday, May 2, 2012

proud mama moment

I'm pretty sure that if Jonah could talk, all he would tell you about is how much he loves eating food, playing in water, reading books, dancing to Elmo songs...
and going for walks. 
All the pretty flowers!
All the dogs! (all of which he calls 'ya-ya', his self proposed name for Roxie)
All the jogging ladies that he yells 'HI!' to!*

*even if they have headphones in and can't hear him. even if they are running away from us at 50 miles per hour and his sweet little voice has no hopes of carrying that far. even if they are no longer visible anymore. it's so sweet.

The only part he doesn't like about walks is his bucket hat. I mean, he like really doesn't like it. I wouldn't make him wear it if it wasn't necessary, but I don't want the sun in his eyes and us red heads are prone to sunburns... He has gotten a lot better about it in the past few weeks though. He wore it on our hike, and left it on for more than 2 minutes. Today though, he wore it for like 23.5 minutes of our 25 minute walk! I was so proud :) When he did finally rip it off, he was making me giggle by leaning around his stroller visor yelling "MAMA!" and trying to hand it to me. Silly Bug.

happy bug.
still happy!
not feelin it anymore, mom.

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