Sunday, May 20, 2012

labor of love.

This a story about a table, and a nice catholic lady with a van. I know that it might seem totally silly to someone who may not be as appreciative of home decor as I am. I don't care how ridiculous and overly excited I seem  in the next few paragraphs. When you see the pictures of this end table, you will totally understand.

A few weeks ago I spent the morning garage sailing with Amanda and Christi. When I went to their town to meet up with them, they weren't quite ready yet so I hit a few garage sales that I'd seen in the neighborhood. I had a goal that day to look for stuff for Jonah, and I hadn't intended to buy much else. One of the sales I drove by had this amazing end table sitting out, and I tried to myself "NO" because I figured it was probably a little more than I'd want to spend and I had already told myself to not even stop at any sales without kids clothes. I was just about to turn the corner and pass it by when I saw that they also had boys clothes (which i failed to notice before hand because I couldn't peel my eyes off this awesome table). I parked, got out of my car, and bee-lined for kids clothes. I walked right past the table without even glancing for a price tag and I was mighty proud of myself.

After grabbing a few sunsuits and polo shirts for Jonah, I convinced myself that it couldn't hurt to at least see how much they wanted for it... if it was a ridiculous price then at least I'd have some way to justify not getting it. Except the sticker said $5, and I thought "there's no way that's right" I mean, people don't sell stuff that unique. Much less sell it for five bucks. Even the ugly common tables sell for about $10. I walked up to pay for the clothes and told the lady, "and I'd also like that $5 table" expecting her to tell me it was mis-marked or something, except she said "ok." and I about exploded on the inside. So excited. You don't even know.

This is where my dream come true almost turned into a curb side meltdown though, because I realized pretty quickly that there was no way this thing was going to fit in my car. It would go in the back seat. It wouldn't fit in the front passenger seat, and it wouldn't even fit into my trunk!!! I asked the lady running the sale for a screwdriver and tried to take the legs off, but the screws were super old and that just wasn't happening. I had no one close by with a truck that I could call to help me. And having had bad experiences in the past, I wasn't about to leave it and ask if I could come get it later. I was about to just start carrying it the block and a half to Amanda's when a really nice lady in a van offered to help me. I said thank you like a bagillion times while she laughed and explained that she had been in my position before "Some things you just can't pass up" she said. We loaded the table into her van (which had like 5 rosary's hanging from the review mirror) and she drove it to Amanda's for me where it sat in the garage for a few days until Matt went and picked it up with his truck. And that's how the nice catholic van lady saved my life. I love random polite strangers.

Anywho... here is what it looked like that day:

A little rough, no?

Here's what it looks like now :)
Totally awesome.

I taped over the top and painted the base with Krylon Brushed Metallic spray paint in Satin Nickel

I enlisted some help from my brother-in-law

And then I used steel wool soaked in vinegar to age the wood on the top:

I am so in love.
Upcycling furniture is like my new calling.
I'll post some tips for aging wood, and spray painting and distressing furniture in the next few days.
I have some before and after shots of other furniture projects too!

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