Sunday, April 22, 2012

April, the possible blog overhaul, and Jonah almost walking

Is there seriously only a week left? I am so horribly behind on my photo-a-day and I am shocked that it already almost MAY. I'm partially excited because that means that we are that much closer to June, which will be a very exciting month for us for personal financial reasons. AND we are going to have a very active summer this year, and I can't wait.
The other part of me is freaking out a little because 2012 seems to be sweeping along a lot faster than 2011 did, and I swear that 2011 was the most whirlwind year of my life.
I know that I promised to write a post a while back about faith and the book Heaven is for Real, and I'm going to be sure and do that this week. I mentioned it in passing but I was so really very excited to share my thoughts with you, that i can't believe I just let it fall by the wayside.

In other news, I've been toying with the idea of changing up this blog a little bit and making it more organized, maybe having a different theme for every day... i.e. "Fashion Friday" w/ outfit posts, or maybe a playlist day where I share my fave music, or a spotlight on home decor, crafting, photography, baby and kids,  etc. I like to share a lot of my interests with you, but sometimes i feel like I get lazy and just post a bunch of photos with minor updates and call it a day. Originally that wasn't the sole purpose of the blog (it was a majority of it's purpose but lately it's become the ONLY purpose) and this would be a better way to use it as the outlet it was intended to be. More on that when I decide.

Also, Jonah will be walking any day now. He is soooooo close. I know that he can- he just doesn't realize it yet. He stands unsupported for a minute plus at a time, until suddenly he realizes that nothing is supporting him, and then he just plops to the ground. Everyone keeps saying that he will when he's ready, and i know that. But it does kinda bum me out that every other baby his age seems to be walking. I guess I should take people's advice and be grateful for now that he isn't tearing around like a hooligan breaking everything like everyone seems to think he will- and making me go insane like everyone seems to think I will. I just know that watching his tiny little chubby self bobble around awkwardly will be the most adorable thing on the planet, and this mama is gonna swell with pride when he does.

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