Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photo a day, kinda

I would be lying if I told you I took these photos on the days I was supposed to and not just all in one afternoon. oops. I'll try and stay on top of this better with next month's photo a day.

17.) something you don't like: the little strings of glue that my glue gun leaves everywhere. I hate them, and they are inevitable.
18.) hair: i love my purple streaks so much i think I might add more.
19.) orange: some of munchkin's toys
20.) something you drew: I'm not big on drawing, I leave that kind of art to my Dad. Although I did draw this on a card I made for a friend recnetly
pitiful, right? i know.

21.) bottle: this wine has been in my fridge forever. I didn't really like it, so I finally threw the bottle away today.
22.) the last thing you bought: gum, it is essential to quitting smoking
23.) vegetable: since tomorrow is grocery shopping today, there are no veggies in our house aside from Jonah's felt ones. but, my grocery list pad? it's got a salad on it
that counts right?

24.) something you're grateful for: that my husband is so awesome. i love being in love with him :)
25.) looking down: oh look, there's a munchkin!

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Stevie Leigh said...

He is too cute! What a sweet blog :)