Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jojo & Nana and Photo 10&11

We had a nice 5 day visit with my mom. She had fun playing with and spoiling Jonah, and I had fun getting her an Easter basket. You know the Demdaco Wilow Tree line by Susan Lordi? I got her this one, called Grandmother:
Here are some really cute pictures of her and Jonah. I think that it's so neat to watch your parents with your children. It feels like a glimpse into your own early days, seeing your mom or dad with a baby, ya know?
Looks like a very deep conversation
Also, it's time to play some catch-up with April photo of the day:
10.) COLD
pineapple-mango-banana-oatmeal smoothie for breakfast
today's less healthy breakfast. banana nut muffin & java.
I ate by my living room window while Jakob and Jonah watched Curious George. Jakob is on Spring Break this week and I'm SO EXCITED to have him here. I miss him. The hardest part of being a nanny: they grow up and go to school. Thank God for holiday breaks and summer.

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