Monday, April 16, 2012


First of all, listen to this awesome song Naomi introduced me to. 
Awesome, right? 
 Even though the song has nothing to do with hiking or mushroom hunting, I had it stuck in my head big time on Saturday when we were trooping through the woods in search of morel mushrooms. In case you don't know what morel mushrooms are, they're delicious. And they aren't psychedelic, dude. I know husband used to have really long hair and I go barefoot a lot, but just because we rock the occasional tie-dye doesn't mean we're those kind of mushroom hunters :) Anywhoo, we only found a few mushrooms, but it was fun. As any of you who have eaten morels know, it's worth it if you at least find some :) 
we tried to make Jonah wear a hat, wasn't happening.
the loot


Erin said...

Do you ever actually eat the mushrooms?

Kym said...

we sure do! that's the whole point :) they're really delicious.