Friday, April 6, 2012

An entryway table.

I designed this. The legs are simple 1x1 pillars, we cut up 1 foot sections from old pallets and stacked them kind of like a jenga tower, nailing every two layers with a nail gun. I even helped :)
The top is old cedar boards 
mixed with leftover wood from the pallets. 
  I'm in love with the finished product!!! 
 I also bought some glass insulators last week 
and used some wire we had around to make them photo stands.
Now we have something interesting happening in our entry.
Don't mind the wall that needs to be repainted (embarrassing).
P.S. how cute are our family hand prints?!
I found the idea on pinterest.
You can buy this kit for $40.00, but I bought the canvas' in two packs at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off and then used left over gray paint from our living room walls, and the teal and yellow I had in my craft closet. Since I only had to buy canvases, the project cost me only $10.00!!!


Cookie Love said...

wow Kym ! Cool to see you blogging ! Love it!

Kym said...

Thanks, Shawna! I love blogging- it's so fun.