Monday, April 30, 2012

wrapping up April's photo a day

26.) black + white
puppy, kettle corn, and Harry Potter in bed

27.) somewhere you went
they finally re-opened our Dunkin Donuts!!! So of course I had to go get an iced coffee Oh, the joy. That was the longest remodel ever. You were missed.

28.) 1pm
husband :) I was getting ready to go help Amanda paint her kitchen, and he was watching me get ready like a weirdo. i love you babe.

29.) circle
my round blingy bobby pins. they make me happy.

30.) something that makes you sad
how much munchkin has grown :(

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photo a day, kinda

I would be lying if I told you I took these photos on the days I was supposed to and not just all in one afternoon. oops. I'll try and stay on top of this better with next month's photo a day.

17.) something you don't like: the little strings of glue that my glue gun leaves everywhere. I hate them, and they are inevitable.
18.) hair: i love my purple streaks so much i think I might add more.
19.) orange: some of munchkin's toys
20.) something you drew: I'm not big on drawing, I leave that kind of art to my Dad. Although I did draw this on a card I made for a friend recnetly
pitiful, right? i know.

21.) bottle: this wine has been in my fridge forever. I didn't really like it, so I finally threw the bottle away today.
22.) the last thing you bought: gum, it is essential to quitting smoking
23.) vegetable: since tomorrow is grocery shopping today, there are no veggies in our house aside from Jonah's felt ones. but, my grocery list pad? it's got a salad on it
that counts right?

24.) something you're grateful for: that my husband is so awesome. i love being in love with him :)
25.) looking down: oh look, there's a munchkin!

Guess what? Just kidding I can't tell.

Remember back in September when I had a surprise I couldn't tell you about? Well, I have another one. It's as equally exciting as my grandma's secret birthday celebration- and I can't waitttt to tell you all about it, except I have too :) You'll just have to hang tight for 6 1/2 weeks. HA! long time huh? It's totally worth the wait though, trust me.Here in about a month I'm going to be doing my first DIY. A few days ago I talked about adding some more structure to this blog and this craft will be part of my test run. Here's some samples of the inspiration for the DIY, and I hope that you will be as excited to see it as I am to create it :)

pretty fringe banner, I found here
Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess had a few of theses at her wedding.

every craft is better with chipboard :)
Tie dye bunting, another Etsy beauty

Totally exciting right?!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April, the possible blog overhaul, and Jonah almost walking

Is there seriously only a week left? I am so horribly behind on my photo-a-day and I am shocked that it already almost MAY. I'm partially excited because that means that we are that much closer to June, which will be a very exciting month for us for personal financial reasons. AND we are going to have a very active summer this year, and I can't wait.
The other part of me is freaking out a little because 2012 seems to be sweeping along a lot faster than 2011 did, and I swear that 2011 was the most whirlwind year of my life.
I know that I promised to write a post a while back about faith and the book Heaven is for Real, and I'm going to be sure and do that this week. I mentioned it in passing but I was so really very excited to share my thoughts with you, that i can't believe I just let it fall by the wayside.

In other news, I've been toying with the idea of changing up this blog a little bit and making it more organized, maybe having a different theme for every day... i.e. "Fashion Friday" w/ outfit posts, or maybe a playlist day where I share my fave music, or a spotlight on home decor, crafting, photography, baby and kids,  etc. I like to share a lot of my interests with you, but sometimes i feel like I get lazy and just post a bunch of photos with minor updates and call it a day. Originally that wasn't the sole purpose of the blog (it was a majority of it's purpose but lately it's become the ONLY purpose) and this would be a better way to use it as the outlet it was intended to be. More on that when I decide.

Also, Jonah will be walking any day now. He is soooooo close. I know that he can- he just doesn't realize it yet. He stands unsupported for a minute plus at a time, until suddenly he realizes that nothing is supporting him, and then he just plops to the ground. Everyone keeps saying that he will when he's ready, and i know that. But it does kinda bum me out that every other baby his age seems to be walking. I guess I should take people's advice and be grateful for now that he isn't tearing around like a hooligan breaking everything like everyone seems to think he will- and making me go insane like everyone seems to think I will. I just know that watching his tiny little chubby self bobble around awkwardly will be the most adorable thing on the planet, and this mama is gonna swell with pride when he does.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Farewell picnik

Picnik will be no more as of Thursday. I used to use this program often, but hadn't touched it in months. When I got the email that they were shutting down though, I had to go mess with my pictures. So I edited to my hearts content. I'll share these photos from last week that I edited, and you can find some more altered pics courtesy of Picnik here, here, and here.


First of all, listen to this awesome song Naomi introduced me to. 
Awesome, right? 
 Even though the song has nothing to do with hiking or mushroom hunting, I had it stuck in my head big time on Saturday when we were trooping through the woods in search of morel mushrooms. In case you don't know what morel mushrooms are, they're delicious. And they aren't psychedelic, dude. I know husband used to have really long hair and I go barefoot a lot, but just because we rock the occasional tie-dye doesn't mean we're those kind of mushroom hunters :) Anywhoo, we only found a few mushrooms, but it was fun. As any of you who have eaten morels know, it's worth it if you at least find some :) 
we tried to make Jonah wear a hat, wasn't happening.
the loot

Monday, Monday. So good to me. (name that song!)

I've been slacking lately. I have a lot of catchup blogging to do. Hopefully I'll be able to accomplish more later, but for now here are some more pics for Aprils photo a day:

12.) Stairs

13.) Something you found
morel mushrooms. We actually found these Saturday, but I forgot to take my picture Friday :/

14.) How you feel today
On Saturday I felt exactly how Matt and Jonah look in this picture. Happy Happy Happy!!!! We had a lot of fun hiking and hunting for mushrooms.

15.) Sunset
the weather was pretty lackluster yesterday, there wasn't really a sunset so I made one out of my felt, lol. I was busy making felt flowers for my new living room toss pillows which I will show off in an upcoming post.
For now, here's a sneak peek:
OH! and since the 16th's photo prompt is flower, we'll count this. For good measure, here are a few flower pictures from our hike this weekend, too:

P.S. the song lyrics in the title are from Monday, Monday by The Mamas & The Papas

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sir Talks-a-lot

Jakob has been on Spring Break this week, so we've had him all to ourselves. It's awesome. I can't wait for summer so that he can come to Aunt Kym and Mattchoo's house for 3 whole months.


I gotta say though, I'd forgotten how much of a chatter box he is. This kid cracks me up with some of the stories he whips out... love it!