Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm shameless

There is an ongoing joke between my husband and I involving my hair. He swears that it could take over the world. It's everywhere. Let me in your car for 5 minutes and you'll be finding red strands for the next 20 years. I'm proud of my long wavy/curly red locks, and I have never been one to complain about or curse my tresses for any reason. I have good volume, pretty color, and no serious issues. Except maybe lack of moisture, but it's nothing dire. All that being said, you're about to get a very honest and blunt glimpse into my relationship with my hair.

I don't take care of my hair very well. 
I suppose I'm not a very girly girl in that respect. 

Here is what my hair looked like today:
This is not different from any other day. It always looks like this. I rarely do anything different. Rarely as in maybe every 6 months I might braid it or style it in some way. Note: by styling I mean straitening. 
Pretty boring. 

I have a ton of hair styling products in my bathroom...
but they are never used, except the little kids detangler after I wash my hair.

I only wash my hair every 3-4 days. My hair is extremely thick and coarse so it takes about 25 mins to wash it and make sure it is thoroughly rinsed. I only brush my hair like twice a week. No joke. 

Now, I'm not super gross/dirty/lazy, and I have very good hygiene. I shower and brush my teeth and stuff like a normal person, lol, I just don't get spending a lot of time on your hair. I don't judge anyone who does, it's just not my thing. It's all pretty nuts, yeah? Well- it's all about to change. I'm going to be getting a drastic new 'do soon... and I'm super stoked about it. 

 Now that you've heard my hair rant, you can understand why it's such a 
big deal.

All my friends keep changing up their styles and getting cute new cuts, and I'm still rocking the same hair I've had since I was like 8. LAME. My new hair's going to require quite bit of upkeep and I'm probably going to be a little irritated at first, but at least I'll have the help of all those poor neglected products. 

Here's a sneak peek into some of the hair photos that have been inspiring me:

Not sure which direction I'll go, but when a decision is made, there will be pictures.
of course.

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