Thursday, March 8, 2012

I have decided… follow Jesus. Just kidding. Not really though, I decided to follow Jesus when I was about 6 and I love him very much.  You should too. In fact I’ll be sharing my testimony AND my feelings on the book Heaven is For Real with you very soon. But that isn’t what this blog post is actually about. It’s just what I think of every time I here the words “I have decided”, thank you Sunday school. 

Anyways, I have decided to take up gardening this spring. Considering my insane allergy problem, this might not be my most logic or healthy idea ever, but load me up w/ Zyrtec and watch me buy a cute garden apron cause this is happening people. I am so excited! Even though we are renting, we can add plants and such to the property a long as we don’t remove and shrubbery or trees that are already in place (which is, um, zilch. We have one tree in our front yard and two ugly bushes by our front door). Since this a 2 year lease, I have no problem making the investment, especially since I plan on taking my trellis thingys and garden barrels with me.

I was well aware of the time and effort this would include. I was not however aware of the initial money involved in this garden of my dreams, aside from the aforementioned garden apron. So of course husband was the first to chime into my excited fast-talking plans, “Well do you know how much soil we are going to need to get? And the wood to build those trellis things you want, and some sort of fencing to keep Roxie and rabbits out of the vegetables, and the wooden barrels, and miracle grow, and some sort of pest spray”… WOAH. Hold on there mister frugal green thumb, fertilizers?! I think not! Try used coffee grounds (they make excellent fertilizer, FYI) or even cow poo, but I am not spraying chemicals on our home grown food. This is one of the perks to growing our own. Duh. (and there are recipes for homemade pest sprays that are safe.)

If I had it my way, we would eat no processed foods. Our diet would be free of pesticides, saturated fats, and preservatives. Every artificial dye and sweetener would be banned from our kitchen! Oh the dreams. But eating this way is expensive. And expenses are not so fun right now. We have a lot of them.

A while back my dad sent me some e-mails about a company called Monsanto. I’d never heard of it. Had no idea who they were or what they did. I found out. I found out that they control 90% of our food source. That once a field is contaminated with there seeds or fertilizers, every food grown there ever again is contaminated. Contaminated with fertilizers and genetic hormones that even the government and FDA can regulate (not that they are so helpful anyways). Not only that, but if a farmer pisses Monsanto off for any reason, they will fly planes over that farmers property and drop chemicals to not only kill that farmers crops, but make the soil unable to produce food... Monsanto’s product has been linked to cancer and birth defects. And unless all of the food you eat is certified organic, you’re eating it in every single thing in your pantry and fridge.

To say the least, it totally freaked me out. I tried to not think about it for a while, but recently it’s been bugging me even more. We try to buy as much as we can organic. It especially bothers me that all of Jonah’s food isn’t organic. There’s no way I want to put pesticides and chemicals into that tiny little ball of chub and giggles. It  never really occurred to me until now, but I asked myself, “When will I ever feel comfortable letting him eat that stuff?” (the answer, of course, was never) and why on earth am I ok with eating it? Well, I’m not. Obviously. Otherwise I wouldn’t be thinking about it.  The hold up, like I said before, is money. As the budget-er for our household, that’s always my first question “Can we afford it?” Since we live off one income it’s almost always a “NO”, no matter what it is… but this time… “Can we?”

Well, my little garden is the first step. Whatever I can manage to grow, is less that we have to buy. Also, since I’m on this health kick, tomorrow is my last day of smoking. I got an electronic cigarette (you inhale water vapor and nicotine, not all that other nasty junk) to use as a crutch for a few weeks. Yes, a crutch. I have no shame in saying that I need one. I know for a fact that this will be essential in making sure I can brake the habit for good. I am more addicted to the motion of smoking than the actual cigarettes. And since you can gradually lower your nicotine levels with the e-cig, eventually your just inhaling a tiny amount of water vapor, and nothing else. Coolest part: they don’t have to taste like a cigarette. Mine tastes like fruit punch. This was the most appealing part for me, since when it comes to smoking, I hate the taste of cigarettes most. Aside from the potential death, obviously. Might as well be blunt. But anyways I am very excited to be finally ready to quit this time, and any encouragement from any of you in any form would be really helpful for those inevitable days when I am going to want to cry or scream or smash in a wall. thanks.


ellen said...

SO excited about you quitting smoking!! Good on you!! YOU CAN DO IT! Encourage my husband too, wouldya? :)
Also, any help you need on your garden- let me know! You need to set up a basic compost system too, that'll help a ton. Having a garden is great, we've loved being able to control at least that part of what we're eating and it's helped our budget a ton, too! You'll love it :)

Kym said...

Ellen- I will almost definitely need your help. Especially since I only have a very vague concept of what a compost system actually is (can we say botanically challenged?) I appreciate the offer. I've never even had a plant longer than a month or so before, lol. I am so excited about it though! And tell Shane he should quit with me! they say it helps to have someone to talk to whose going through it too, so you can encourage each other and you have someone who can sympathize on the tough days. My Dad has smoked since he was a teen, over a pack a day- and he finally quit. He hasn't smoked in over a month. He's my inspiration- I figure if he can do it, anyone can!