Tuesday, March 6, 2012

December 2011

Part III recap of my internet hiatus

December is always the busiest month for us. I'm sure it is for just about everyone but when you squeeze two birthday's and a wedding anniversary all together with the holiday's it get a little... well, lets just say that I'm going to have to break this month into a few posts.

In December.....

Jonah got a cute new hat:
 We got all dressed up for Matt's company party:
 There was a gorgeous sunset:
 Jonah fell in love with this toy:
 We ditched the bottle (finally!!!):
 The other baby got a new bed:
 Nick got me owl PJ's for my b-day and wrapped them like this:
Matt and I took a day trip to Chicago for our 2 yr anniversary (and went shopping. at IKEA. I LOVE IKEA. I also love my awesome husband who shops with me, lol):
and Roxie found a new sun bathing spot:

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