Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Catch-up: October

Here we go: Part I re-cap of my internet hiatus. October was an extremely busy month for us. After a lot of debate (it actually happened quickly, but it's ALL we talked about for like 9 days) we decided to move. On October 15th we packed up our friends trucks and vans (thanks friends!!!), painted a LOT, and became residents of Dunlap. And Matt's little brother Nick became our troll in the basement (j/k).
New House
 Other Happenings:

Jonah passed out half on the floor and half on his mattress. Guess moving wore him out.

We channeled our inner wonderland:
FYI: the costume my 9 month old is wearing in this photo, is a newborn size. yep- we were still tiny.

and stuck baby in a pumpkin (thanks pinterest):

Jonah met his other great grandparents:

He started walking along furniture:

I unpacked lots of boxes and decorated:

And I also had a blast taking these family pictures for The Herron's:

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