Monday, September 26, 2011

My best friend's a mommy!!!!!

Meet my best friend Lisa
 James Compone
7lbs 2oz * 20 inches
 I was so excited that Lisa had James the day before we left to go to Florida! I would have died if I had had to wait to meet him (perfect timing for your debut, peanut. Aunt Kym appreciates it). It's so hard to live so far away from her, and I know now it's only going to get harder. Since our trip was so short, I only got to spend about 2 hours with them, and I am already wrapped around this little guys finger. I am so proud of my bestie! She's gonna make a great momma. Her husband (also named James) is so sweet and I know he is going to be a natural at this Daddy business... James, you hit the jackpot with these two. I will miss you bunches but I'll be back to spoil you soon! P.S. you're perfect :) and i want to kiss your little cheeks off!
such a pretty little blessing.

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