Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Mr. husband got himself a new job :) We are high on life around here right now. God is good, and we are so blessed, and I can not express in words how much we needed this!!!!
So, since we can afford more than 600 sq ft now (you may think i exaggerate- i do not. 600.) we found a new house to rent that's 1600 sq ft!!!! no joking here, amigo. i'm even giving up on proper capitialization to add more emphasis on our EXCITEMENT. I think you get the point... moving on.....

We will also have the weekends back and be able to get out of debt and maybe even own a house one day. WOO HOO!!! 

The only sad part about this is Matt leaving his current job. He has a really awesome boss (note: Brian, I love you) who is super nice and very supportive of his employees. Matt has made good friends there, and I know that we will still have them in our lives, but it definitely wont be the same.

Well, we are off to FL for a few days so when I get back I will post some photos of our vaca and let you know how well my road trip food goes over... I am finally attempting some of my pinterest recipes tomorrow, and we will be eating them on the road. If any of them are to die for, i will share!

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