Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9 months

Jonah turned 9 moths last Sunday. 
My little munchkin has 4 teeth, eats finger foods, and crawls!
3/4 of the way into our first year... oh boy. 
I feel an emotional mommy moment coming on :/ 

While in Florida this weekend, I got to go visit Shawna. 
My mom rented a house from Shawna's parent's for years
when I was younger. They're still dear friends of ours. 
Shawna is an amazing artist and a photographer.
I was lucky enough that she took some pictures of Jonah 
while I was at her house... here are some of the photos:
I'm going to cancel my appointment
at Sear's for his 9 month portraits. 
I doubt they would be 1/2 as awesome as these :)

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