Friday, September 30, 2011

Soak up the Sun

Before it gets too cold, 
we need to squeeze in 
as much outside time as possible. 
I love fall, it always has such a different energy and excitement. Soon we'll be drinking apple cider, picking out pumpkins, and cooking turkeys. I can't wait :) Yesterday Jakob had no pre-school so he was at our house. I have missed him so much. I loved how excited he was to come see me- and how anxious he was for Jonah to wake up :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9 months

Jonah turned 9 moths last Sunday. 
My little munchkin has 4 teeth, eats finger foods, and crawls!
3/4 of the way into our first year... oh boy. 
I feel an emotional mommy moment coming on :/ 

While in Florida this weekend, I got to go visit Shawna. 
My mom rented a house from Shawna's parent's for years
when I was younger. They're still dear friends of ours. 
Shawna is an amazing artist and a photographer.
I was lucky enough that she took some pictures of Jonah 
while I was at her house... here are some of the photos:
I'm going to cancel my appointment
at Sear's for his 9 month portraits. 
I doubt they would be 1/2 as awesome as these :)

Monday, September 26, 2011


There are few people in this world more awesome than my grandma. She is a beautiful person and one of the toughest people I know. She raised 9 children mostly by herself (my grandpa was a Marine) and she never has a bad word to say about anyone. She has quite the fan club, and they were all present at her 80th birthday party Saturday afternoon. I was a surprise along with her sister Rita and daughters, and my cousin Ryan... none of which she knew were traveling to Florida to see her. The look on her face when she entered the room to about a hundred people singing "Happy Birthday" was priceless. Absolutely priceless. It was nice to see all of my family, some of whom I haven't seen in years. We have a big family so we aren't all together very often, if ever. It was total chaos but I think that for us that's how we function best... what else do we know, right? The more crowded the more love in every inch of the room.
My Grandma and her 9 children
My cousins and our babies

My best friend's a mommy!!!!!

Meet my best friend Lisa
 James Compone
7lbs 2oz * 20 inches
 I was so excited that Lisa had James the day before we left to go to Florida! I would have died if I had had to wait to meet him (perfect timing for your debut, peanut. Aunt Kym appreciates it). It's so hard to live so far away from her, and I know now it's only going to get harder. Since our trip was so short, I only got to spend about 2 hours with them, and I am already wrapped around this little guys finger. I am so proud of my bestie! She's gonna make a great momma. Her husband (also named James) is so sweet and I know he is going to be a natural at this Daddy business... James, you hit the jackpot with these two. I will miss you bunches but I'll be back to spoil you soon! P.S. you're perfect :) and i want to kiss your little cheeks off!
such a pretty little blessing.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Mr. husband got himself a new job :) We are high on life around here right now. God is good, and we are so blessed, and I can not express in words how much we needed this!!!!
So, since we can afford more than 600 sq ft now (you may think i exaggerate- i do not. 600.) we found a new house to rent that's 1600 sq ft!!!! no joking here, amigo. i'm even giving up on proper capitialization to add more emphasis on our EXCITEMENT. I think you get the point... moving on.....

We will also have the weekends back and be able to get out of debt and maybe even own a house one day. WOO HOO!!! 

The only sad part about this is Matt leaving his current job. He has a really awesome boss (note: Brian, I love you) who is super nice and very supportive of his employees. Matt has made good friends there, and I know that we will still have them in our lives, but it definitely wont be the same.

Well, we are off to FL for a few days so when I get back I will post some photos of our vaca and let you know how well my road trip food goes over... I am finally attempting some of my pinterest recipes tomorrow, and we will be eating them on the road. If any of them are to die for, i will share!

Friday, September 16, 2011

a day around town...

Last weekend we went shopping at the outdoor mall and ate dinner on the riverfront @ Joe's crab shack. It was really nice because we don't go out often, and also because Matt's brother joined us. I found an amazing store called Charming Charlie, that has row after row of beautiful accessories- purses, shoes, jewelry, hair clips, headbands- it was overwhelming. The store is HUGE, and most of it is super unique and all of it very reasonably priced (major plus!). I got three necklaces. I'm especially fond of the teapot one  :)
Jonah loved the time outdoors and being barefoot :)
 After our (my) little shopping spree we made our way downtown to the river front. It was Jonah's first time there and he was mesmerized by all the lights and water! He loves water, you could tell he didn't understand why we weren't getting in the river... lol
Dinner was DELISH.
cocktails in Mason jars :)
Smores !!!