Friday, August 12, 2011

might as well wave goodbye before i miss it...

This half of 2011 has been crazy. I can't believe it's August. Then, today I was thinking that we were only a few days into it, and it's the 12th?! Insanity I tell you!!!! Jonah will be 8 months in 5 days! This month is going to fly by, just like all the other months, and as the year progresses and then closes- it's only going to get busier. We have a birthday Sunday. Our niece Addison is going to be 8. Then the last weekend of August, we have two more birthdays to celebrate. In September we have my family reunion on my dad's side, both of my brothers birthdays, then a one week trip to FL. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Black Friday (a holiday in Amanda and I's book). And December... oh December... Husband and I's anniversary, my birthday, My sister's birthday, Jonah's 1st birthday, and Christmas... all within just 20 days of each other.

To top off all this overwhelming reflection and desire to slow down time, Jakob's last day with me was today :( I've cried 3 times so far... this is not going to be an easy transition. Pre-school will be a blast for him but I might have an identity crisis. Do I even know how to be Kym the non-nanny? I suppose we shall see... It totally sucked packing up all of his toys and sippy cups and tooth brush and shampoo... I wonder how much Jonah and Roxie will miss having him around everyday. Too bad they can't talk and tell me. I could use some verification that I'm not overreacting and that they are just as sad as I am.

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