Monday, July 25, 2011

A penny for your thoughts

On Friday I decided that it had been too long since we last visited my parents so I mentioned to Matt that we should go this weekend. Being the good sport that he is, the husband agreed to my last minute plans. It was nice to see my parents, niece, and sisters (the twins anyhow, Heather is in China right now)- we also got to visit with GG, Aunt Sue, and Krista. The following is one of my favorite moments from the weekend... with pictures to go with (duh).
We went to go see my sister Becky's new house (super cute right? you should see the inside!) which is directly across the street from railroad tracks. (loud? yes. but, like me, she loves the sound of trains so it doesn't bother her one bit)
Hannah, Matt, and my Dad went to see the display caboose right across the road, and Dad put a penny on the tracks and explained about how the train will run over it and flatten it. 90% of the time this doesn't actually work, because the vibration of the tracks can wiggle the penny off before the train can run over it, or if it's not positioned just right, it will just fly off... etc. etc.
Anyway, we went about our business, hanging out and getting the tour of Becky and Ryan's place.
Until (we just got that lucky) Hannah heard a train. 
"Grandpa!!! the train is coming!!!" (She was so excited, I loved it.) Across the street we went.
At first, there was no penny to be found... but lo and behold,
 Hannah's train penny :)

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