Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our 4th of July weekend

Fireworks were a side show compared to Jonah's sweet little wide-eyed face. He was absolutely mesmerized & I loved it.

Sunday we spent the day @ Matt's parents house. I made red, white, and blue pie with jello and whipped cream.
Baby and the nieces:
 in-laws (of the brotherly, sisterly and parental sort):
canine baby, our nephew, cartwheels, and pie:

On the 4th of July we spent the afternoon @ The Evan's house and went to see the fireworks on the river.
 steve (post water wars), me & jakob, alan and husband on the swings, jakob & cora:
jakob, daniel, sparklers, and  jonah:
 baby boy's "WOW" face:

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