Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Apologies in advance...

...for the following negativity. I'm usually a "glass is half full" person. However, today I woke up to smell of  burning wire. Apparently it's just a blown fuse. Thank God nothing caught on fire! Especially since it was RIGHT next to Jonah's room...
but seriously- it's like- what else could go wrong? 
Sure, plenty. 
I'm just praying hard that nothing does, cause lately it sure has. A blown fuse is a tiny thing, but it's one of a million tiny things, combined with a couple of HUGE things... and it's really hard to remember to be grateful and not get so angry in a sea of problems. I completely put my faith and trust in God, so I know that sometimes it's necessary for God to test us and that everything will work out (really, I do). It's just so hard in the meantime, and we've been in the "meantime" for a long time.

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