Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From the mouths of babes.

I love the children in my life. 
Especially when they say really funny stuff. 
So cute.

My nephew Jakob:

“hepicopter” instead of helicopter.

“what this go?” instead of what does this do.

“he gonna come outta there. I helpa you.” on me having Jonah

J: "He cant talk?" Me- "Nope." J: "aw. him can't walk, him can't talk, him dumb." -In reference to 2 week old Jonah

When Matt tried to show him how to pee standing up- Jakob: “wow matchoo you gots a big…” Matt: “OK! that’s enough for today”

Jakob: “how’d he get in you tummy?” Me: “god put him there.” Jakob: “how he do that?” yep, we dodged the baby questions for 15 months (9 months preggo, 6 months after Jonah was born), and then last week he asks.

“mommy gots losts a freakles and she wear mekas”… freakles as in freckles and mekas as in make-up

he runs around screaming: “it’s my money and I need it now!” quoting infomercials…

My niece Hannah:

H: “why are you laying down aunt kym?” Me: “because I’m a lazy bag of bones.” H: “you look more like a bag of babies to me”... when I was pregnant.

On breast feeding: "that is so super gross"

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