Monday, June 6, 2011

Fresh starts.

I am rebooting, so to speak. Jonah is spending a few hours at aunt Amanda's this evening and Matt is going to basketball... and it will be the first time I've been alone in a while. I'm already freaking out a little, but I need the time to unwind. It is crazy to think that no matter how many times I do it, or how much I trust the babysitter (Amanda was the first person to ever watch Jonah), leaving him will never get any easier.

I also had to reboot my computer today, and restore it to factory settings. I lost all of my pictures from back in October of last year and on, but thank God I had all the ones of Jonah backed up. I know that viruses are something you can not avoid forever, but I can't believe this one was so irreversible that there was no possible way to save my files. Any of you who know how I am about my pictures, know that I will never get over this. We are investing in an external hard drive ASAP so that this never happens again. I can not stress how glad I am that I saved all of my photos of Jonah to CD a few weeks ago, so only 2 weeks worth are missing... and a lot of those are on the blog and facebook.

Last week was uneventful, it flew by. Jakob spent the night with us Thursday. This weekend was kind of a bummer for me, my garage sale was eh... but Jonah spent some time in the pool Saturday (it was scorching) and I did sell enough to have the money to start our entertainment center/wall unit next weekend. It's going to be Matt and I's project- I designed it and he fine tuned the measurements- he will be building it and I will be painting it. We will have so much more space once it's done... and storage! Lots of shelving, major plus! Aside from that, I was in a funk (majorly) Saturday and Sunday and it totally sucked. I hate feeling cranky, and it's not a normal/usual thing for me... I don't handle it well.

 The following pictures are some of my favorites, there are a ton of them, I apologize...
 poor Roxie, she hates baths. this is her "mommy, save me!" face. pitiful.
best buddies.
 lookin like a lil man with his hat on
 he loves water

 fishy boy
 worn out
 his new toy.. he loves it. lights up and plays music.
this one cracks me up
 hilarious. my little dudes

Also, Jonah cuddled with Daddy this morning :) which was a huge deal for Matt, because he usually only snuggles into me like that, with the exception of when he's exhausted... then he'll do it with almost everyone. Anyhow, it was super sweet and made my heart melt.


Kacie said...

Hi Kym, Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. Your's is great. What a handsome boy! He's absolutely adorable!


Kym said...

Thank you! I love your blog. Gweneth and Poppy are gorgeous. And i think are our babies are about the same age.