Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coming together

Our home is finally looking more simple/organized. 
Which is what I've been wanting for a long time but just couldn't quite get it to happen. 
 This corner has seriously NEVER been this clean:
We have our own washer and dryer now!!! No more laundry mat (a.k.a. The Herron's) for me!!!! YAY :) 
My trunk is finally in our living room, though desperately needing paint...
and Matt is finishing building our entertainment center as I write! Jonah is hanging out and looking cute as usual, watching mommy clean:
 Oh yeah, and I got this cute little guy to put by the front door:
 I found an easier way to display Jonah's pictures:
 Now I can switch them easily, just slide them in & out of paperclips, instead of having to change them out of frames every few weeks.

 All this change is wearing Roxie out I guess:
Over the couch:
 I baked chocolate chip cookies earlier this week,
and they're all gone now:
 I think this handsome man may have ate them ;) :

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