Monday, May 23, 2011

Jonah's 1st camping trip.

This weekend was Jonah's first time camping. I'll never forget it either, but not for the best reasons. My husband can't bring his C-PAP camping so he snored so loud I couldn't sleep, as did his best friend Steven. It was like surround sound snoring. It started to pour down rain at about 3am, Jonah woke up at 4am sneezing, and our tent sprung a leak... so we left with the sun. Prior to that, though, it was wonderful.

As always, here are some pictures:
 Roxie driving Daddy's car? lol
 Happy birthday Steven!!!!!
 Baby boy
 Jonah passed out in the tent
 roasting "mellows" as Jakob calls them
Jakob and his glow sticks
Myself, Amanda, Aunt Cyndi, Andrina, and Felicia
 Puppy sleeping on me
sunrise, sunrise.

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