Monday, May 16, 2011


So, on Friday I was supposed to go pick up this trunk, but the lady from Craigslist never e-mailed me back her address. Total bummer. The day didn't stay sour for long though, because we left for my Dad's when Matt got home, and actually got to spend a SATURDAY (amazing- I know) and a Sunday in STL. We played a new card game called There's a moose in the house (hilarious), went to an antique mall, my Dad introduced us to two new awesome stores: gringo jones and the bug store,  Jonah got lots of lovin, and I baked brownies with my niece.

Gringo Jones was a crazy store, with 3 dogs that roamed freely... one of which, was a sweetheart named Lola, who was so sweet I had to sit and pet here for a while. She was less sweet when she decided to stand on me, and not budge.

By the way, my family is awesome. I say this all the time, but it's just impossible not to brag on them. I'm so so glad that jonah has so many people surrounding him and loving him constantly.  

my trunk:

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