Wednesday, April 27, 2011

silly goose.

Last night . . .
was almost perfect. I went to hang out with Amanda (cousin) and Christi (bff), and do some laundry. Matt watched the b-ball game with the guys and I helped Christi decorate her apartment. Good times, good company.

Then as we were leaving, I fell, carrying Jonah in his car seat, off a curb. Of course I instinctively grabbed the car seat with both hands, and fell face forward. Totally freaked out because Jonah started screaming, but he was absolutely fine. I almost had a heart attack anyways. I think he was obviously scared, but he fell straight down and didnt even tip or topple or anything. I am so grateful.

I, however- hit my head on the road, skinned my left knee, and sprained my right ankle... and didn't even fully realize it for a WHILE, I just laid on the side of the road bawling while my awesome husband tried to rationalize with me. Fast forward to 3 hours, a dozen x-rays, and one tetanus shot later... to me hobbling out of the ER on crutches.
So NOT ideal.

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