Wednesday, April 27, 2011

silly goose.

Last night . . .
was almost perfect. I went to hang out with Amanda (cousin) and Christi (bff), and do some laundry. Matt watched the b-ball game with the guys and I helped Christi decorate her apartment. Good times, good company.

Then as we were leaving, I fell, carrying Jonah in his car seat, off a curb. Of course I instinctively grabbed the car seat with both hands, and fell face forward. Totally freaked out because Jonah started screaming, but he was absolutely fine. I almost had a heart attack anyways. I think he was obviously scared, but he fell straight down and didnt even tip or topple or anything. I am so grateful.

I, however- hit my head on the road, skinned my left knee, and sprained my right ankle... and didn't even fully realize it for a WHILE, I just laid on the side of the road bawling while my awesome husband tried to rationalize with me. Fast forward to 3 hours, a dozen x-rays, and one tetanus shot later... to me hobbling out of the ER on crutches.
So NOT ideal.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

God is Risen! I'm so grateful for that. 
Thank you Lord, for loving us so much that you made yourself the ultimate sacrifice :)

 Jonah looked so handsome for church this morning!
We had an awesome weekend. It was simple, and we really needed that.
After the constant chaos we've been stuck in, a break is nice.
Things that made our weekend awesome:

1. Hanging out with Matt's boss and realizing how blessed we are to be part of the family that he makes sure his shop is. Brian is a good man. It's nice to know that there are still people who put morals before money.
2. Finding a new, cute way to do my hair that only took 4 mins.
3. Hearing baby boy giggle continuously at his grandpa.
4. Family, Friends, and the love that comes with them.
5. Church worship songs that make me cry.
6. EASTER. It's my favorite.
7. Card and domino games.

Friday, April 22, 2011


It's been one of those weeks. In my desperate, many failed attempts to find a creative outlet and a moment to myself... I stumbled upon blogging, and started reading Naomi's. Her life is not so different from mine- married, new baby, dog she loves so much he is like a second child. Reading what she has to say is like a breath of fresh air, especially since I can relate to all of it. I decided that since I love writing so much why not have a blog? So now I do. Welcome :) I guess I ought to tell you something... like my interests and so on, right? Well, here are the things that I love the most: God. My husband. Our son. My dog Roxie. Music. Singing. Dance. Pictures. My nephew Jakob. My best friends. Hot tea. Taco nights. American Idol. Flip flops. Iced coffee. Polka dots. My family. And gerbera daisies.